Why buy direct from the author?

As with most books there are a few misprints and mistakes that were made during publishing. If you buy direct from me you will receive a copy with corrections by the author!
I’ll be happy to personalize the book for you. I’ve inscribed books with various things requested by the buyers including references to special knives that they might have inherited from a loved one, special phrases, etc.
I have customized my autograph to make it distinctive and easy to authenticate. I also date each book. Both of these features should enhance the value of the book over time.

You can have your very own personalized and autographed copy of this book direct from the author for $29.99 including shipping in the USA.

(I’ll be happy to give a quote for shipping outside of the USA upon request.)

I accept cash, money orders, personal checks, and credit card payments through a well known online pay service.

To order please email, or call the author using the information provided at the bottom of this page. Please include information about any special inscription that you would like.

You can also send orders along with $29.99 for one copy to:  Book Order,  PO Box 183, Gays Mills, WI  54631.  Please add $25 for each additional copy.

(Please make checks or money orders payable to: Mark Erickson)
Email the author: shursnap@mwt.net , or call: 608-735-4530