Antique American Switchblades

Book Overview

Chapter 1:  Introduction

1.        Switchblade knife definition (switch blade).
2.        Antique automatic knives as a collectible.
3.        Terminology & parts.
4.        Grading & value.

Chapter 2: George Schrade & His Contributions

                   American Switchblade Production Timeline:

Chapter 3: Aerial Cutlery Manufacturing Company, Marinette, Wis

1.        Jaeger Brothers knife manufacturers of AC Mfg Co knives.
2.        KaBar / Union Cut Co connection.
3.        Olsen Knife Company connection.

Chapter 4: Automatic Knife Company, Middletown, Conn.

1.        Arthur Wilzin’s patents & the AUT KNIFE CO.
2.        1893 Columbian Exposition.
3.        Walter Hatch buy out.

Chapter 5: Bowie Knife Company, Newark, NJ

1.        A better mousetrap/ switchblade.

Chapter 6: Buffalo Cutlery Company, Buffalo, NY

1.        Switchblade contract with Schrade Cut Co & their push button knife.

Chapter 7: Camillus Cutlery Co, Camillus, NY

1.        CAMCO Snap It knife advertising switchblade (snap-it).
2.        US Military contract for MC1 paratrooper knife.

Chapter 8: W.R. CASE & Sons, Bradford, Penn.

1.        Case lever knife models 5161L,5171L,6161L & 6171L.
2.        Case contract with George Schrade Knife Co for their other switchblade knives.
3.        Case zipper knives Tested XX.

Chapter 9: Cattaraugus Cutlery Co, Little Valley, NY

1.        Challenge Cutlery contract knives (Flylock design).
2.        Cattaragus misspelled on the knife…. On purpose?.

Chapter 10: Challenge Cutlery Corporation, Bridgeport, Conn.

1.        George Schrade’s affiliation & his spring blade knife.
2.        The Fly Lock switchblade knife and patent information.

Chapter 11: Colonial Knife Co, Providence, RI

1.        Switchblade knife trademarks.
A.      Jiffy
B.       Pronto
C.       Snappy
D.      Shur Snap
2.        Sales techniques: Knife display card, display board (Shur Snap).

Chapter 12: Crandall Cutlery Co, Bradford, Penn.

Chapter 13: Cutino Cutlery Co, Kansas City, MO

1.        Knife origin Germany, switchblade.

Chapter 14: Edgemaster

1.        Comparisons with other switchblade knives.
2.        Sales techniques: Display cards, display boards.
A.      Push-o-matic (pushomatic knife)
B.       My-t-mite automatic push button knives (mytmite knife)
C.       Edgemaster “ready for use in a JIFFY”

Chapter 15: E. Weck & Son, New York, NY

1.        Switchblade contract with Schrade Cut Co for push button knife.

Chapter 16: Flylock Knife Co, Bridgeport, Conn.

1.        From Challenge Fly-Lock knife to the Flylock knife.
2.        George Schrade’s influence & Gargoyle Oil advertiser.
3.        The first switchblade letter opener ?

Chapter 17: George Schrade Knife Co, Bridgeport, Conn.

1.        Geo Schrade pullball knife.
2.        PRESTO knife trademark for his switchblade knives.
3.        Contracts with Remington & Case among others.

Chapter 18: Graef&Schmidt, New York, NY & contract with Press Button Knife Co

Chapter 19: Hatch Cutlery Co, South Milwaukee, WI&Buchanan, MI

1.        Wilzin’s patent knives & Columbus knife.
2.        The buy out & the move of the knife factory.

Chapter 20: Imperial Knife Co, Providence, RI

1.        Hammer Brand trademark & the button knife (switchblade).
2.        2 blade Imperial button knife & Senator Pastore.
3.        Jack-o-matic display card, or display board.
4.        Jackmaster Utility Knife display card, or display board
5.        Schrade Walden merge.

Chapter 21: JCN Co, Jewelry & Cutlery Novelty Co, North Attleboro, Mass.

1.        George Schrade pullball contract (pull ball) knife.

Chapter 22: KaBar a trademark of Union Cutlery Co, Olean, NY

1.        Kabar Grizzly knife, baby grizzly button knives.
2.        Ka Bar lever release 61105 switchblade knife.

Chapter 23: Keen Kutter a trademark of EC Simmons Hdwr & Shapleigh Hardware

1.        Keen Kutter switchblade knife or button knife.
2.        Press Button Knife Company & EC Simmons Hardware.
3.        Schrade Cut Co & Shapleigh Hardware contract knives.

Chapter 24: Keenwell Brown Mfg. Co, Olean, NY

1.        Keenwell switchblade knife and Keenwel markings.
2.        Trademark of Union Cutlery Co

Chapter 25: Korn’s Patent Knife/ George W. Korn  New York, NY

1.        George Korn & Criterion Quality knife.
2.        Korn switchblade knife or Korn spring knives.

Chapter 26: LL Bean Inc, Freeport, Maine

1.        Schrade Cut Co contract knives (switchblade).
2.        Bean’s favorite button knife / LL Bean switchblade.

Chapter 27: Norvell-Shapleigh Hardware Co, St. Louis, MO

1.        Schrade Cut Co contracts Norvell switchblade knife.
2.        Norvell Shapleigh pushbutton knife models.

Chapter 28: Press Button Knife Co a division of Walden Knife Company, Walden, NY

1.        George Schrade’s patent switchblade knife.
2.        Contracts and miscellaneous stamps

A.      Simmons Hardware push button knife
B.       Keen Kutter switch blade knife
C.       Torrey switchblade knife
D.      Elliot Langley spring knife
E.       Graef & Schmidt switchblade knife

3.        Models including the Invincible knife, Business knife, Guardian knife                                           
                  and The Victor knife… all switchblades.
4.        Silver & gold handled commemorative knives.
A.      George Washington knife silver double switchblade
B.       Home Insurance knife silver double switchblade
C.       St Augustine, FL knife silver buttons
D.      Ponce de Leon knife silver
E.       Florida Keys Railroad silver knife button

 5. One armed man knife aluminum handle switchblade fork AA Marks.

Chapter 29: PRESTO a trademark of the George Schrade Knife Co, Bridgeport, CT

1.        Girl Scout knife switchblade & Boy Scout button safety knife.
2.        Presto letter opener knife switchblade

Chapter 30: Queen Cutlery Co, Titusville,PA

1.        Queen No. 25 Jet Knife push button switchblade knives.

Chapter 31:  RC Kruschke, Duluth, MN & his Northwestern spring knife switchblade

Chapter 32: Remington, Bridgeport, Conn

1.        George Schrade Knife Co contracts for Remington switchblade knives.
2.        Remington knife mod R655,R645,R8063,R8065,R2303,R2403,R8055.

Chapter 33: Russell Automatic Knife Co, Chicago, IL

1.        Albert Russell oval button silver knife switchblade double blade.

Chapter 34: Schrade Cutlery Co, Walden, NY

1.        Trademarks including Forest King, Hunter’s Pride, Schrade Hunting Knife.
2.        Schrade Safety push button knife switchblade.

Chapter 35: Schrade Walden Cutlery Corp, Ellenville, NY

1.        Folding guard Craftsman red handled switchblade knife 9540.

Chapter 36: Schrado a product of George Schrade Knife Co, Bridgeport, CT

1.        Schrado Germany for German market DRGM knife switchblade.

Chapter 37: Shapleigh Hardware Co, St Louis, MO

1.        Shapleigh switchblade knife push button.
2.        Diamond Edge trademark knife & Keen Kutter knife.

Chapter 38: Union Cutlery Co, Olean, NY

1.        Union lever release switchblade 21105 knife.
2.        Dog’s Head switchblade knife Kabar pivot release.

Chapter 39: Utica Cutlery Co, Utica, NY prototype switchblade knife lever release.

Chapter 40: Wade & Butcher, Sheffield, England

1.        Schrade Cut Co contract Wade & Butcher switchblade knife.

 Chapter 41: Blade Illustration Guide / actual size blade tracings to gauge blade loss.

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