Appraisal & Questions

Do you need to know the value of your knives for insurance purposes?
Are you interested in selling a knife, but don’t know how to price it?
Would you just like to know what your knife, or collection is worth?


 Free email appraisal for one or two switchblade knives!   Just send me an email with a picture, or two and I'll be happy to give you some information and value for FREE!

I am happy to provide an appraisal service for your antique American automatic knives. Whether you have one knife, or many, I can provide you with the information that you need. The fee for the service varies depending upon the time and effort involved. Most appraisals can be accomplished through pictures and emails, or regular mail if you prefer, but the most accurate results are achieved when I can inspect the knives personally. For the best results the knives can be safely shipped, or if you prefer the knives not leave your watchful eye, I can travel to you to provide the service. All I ask is reimbursement for travel expenses and fair compensation for my time. 
The values I place on the knives are based upon many factors which include over 25 years of accumulated data, condition, rarity, collector interest and more.  I usually place three values on each knife: 

       1. Insurance, or Replacement Value: What it would cost to replace the knife after a loss.            

      2. Fair Market Value: What the knife would likely bring if you are not in a hurry to sell it.           

      3. Quick Sale Value: What you’d likely get if you needed to sell it fast, or with a group of knives as in liquidating a collection to settle an estate, etc.


            Replacing antique pocket knives is not as easy as replacing other household items that are lost in a disaster. Most household items can be purchased from a retail store at a set price. When it comes to antique pocket knives the values are set by the market, availability and demand. You can’t always find a particular knife when you want it, at ANY price so availability becomes the key issue. If you’re lucky enough to find a particular knife when you need it, you are likely to pay more than Fair Market Value for it. For this reason the Replacement Value is higher than the Fair Market Value. With a little assistance in locating the knives, this value should be adequate to enable you to replace a collection in a reasonable amount of time. The Fair Market Value speaks for itself. The Liquidation Value takes other factors into account. Basically it is a value below Fair Market Value that would allow for a quick sale of the knife, or knives. Most of the time the difference is not significant, but other times it could be. There is a delicate balance in the knife collecting world. There are usually a few collectors ready, willing and able to buy any vintage knife that comes on the market so the values are maintained and often increase as time goes by. Unfortunately that balance can be thrown off by a large influx of knives into the collecting world at one time. If the amount of knives available for sale exceeds the capacity of the collectors to pay for them, or creates a surplus of particular models, the values of these knives will decrease to whatever level it takes to get the knives sold.  Sometimes this effect is temporary and sometimes it is a longer term if it creates a surplus. It’s basic supply and demand. Sometimes an entire collection can be liquidated to a single collector while other times it takes many collectors to disperse a collection. The value for all of the knives in just about any situation should fall into these three values.

            Please feel free to contact me if you have any knives that you’d like to have appraised. There is no charge for answering questions or setting up an appraisal. As I mentioned previously there is often no charge for appraising a single knife. Normally a couple of good pictures and the answers to a few simple questions can accomplish this very quickly.        


Note: If you happen to have a collection that includes non-automatic knives I would do my best to appraise those as well using all the information and resources available to me. Unfortunately I cannot always guarantee the accuracy of the values on these knives due to my lack of intimacy with the current market for them. If I were uncomfortable pricing any non-automatic knives I would let you know in advance.

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